Sunday, May 6, 2018

Owl McOwl recipients from Week One, Term Two

Amiria was our person on Tuesday and she then gave Owl McOwl to Tane for Wednesday because Tane  had been managing himself and making sure he thought about who he was sitting by.

Tane then awarded Owl McOwl to Liam because he felt that Liam was managing himself as he was listening to myself and his classmates extremely well.

And then once Liam has enjoyed having Owl McOwl for the day at the end of his reign he proceeded to give Owl McOwl to Ruby for managing herself as Ruby is a star learner who always tries her best and finishes all of her work on time.

What a great first week back we had.  The children were all really settled and have come back rested and raring to go.  I am looking forward to seeing how well they now achieve their goals that we will be sharing with you at our conferences over the next few weeks.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Owl McOwl day two

Ashley chose Amiria to receive Owl McOwl because she felt Amiria has worked really hard and had also been managing herself which is one of our TRUMP areas that we are focussing on.

Well done Amiria, what a great start to the term - you are a star!

Owl McOwl is back with us

Welcome to Term Two.
I hope that you had a great break with your families and enjoyed your special time together.

We are back into it and again we will be giving out Owl McOwl to one student who is practising and using TRUMP.

Today I chose Ashley as she was working hard, supporting her peers and on task all of the time - excellent start to the term Ash :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Miles with lots of smiles teaches us Basketball

All of Westend School has been learning how to play Basketball with Miles (who has miles of smiles) and we have been having a blast.  He has a neat sense of humour and is always making us laugh.  He is also very good at Basketball and has noticed that some of us have a natural talent for the game.  When he gives us instructions he does it in a funny way so that we really need to listen and pay attention which is teaching us another skill.  We are getting better and better each week and are learning so much about the game as well as ourselves and our own physical abilities.  

Look what Bronwyn painted for us ...

When Bronwyn came back to Westend School to work with Room 11 she brought us a present - she had painted a special Room 10 rock with Owl McOwl on it - we were so amazed and impressed with her painting skills since she only painted Owl McOwl from memory.  We now have our own special Palmy rock and next term we are going to see how far it travels - wish us luck.

Bronwyn the famous Rock Painter came for a visit to Room 10

We were really lucky to have Mrs Low's friend Bronwyn come and visit us and help us with our rock painting for our PReP projects.  Bronwyn has painted rocks for many different organisations and is famous in the Palmy Rocks world.  She told us how she got her ideas and that Posca pens were a great help when outlining or adding in detail.  When choosing a rock she also explained how she could see a shape of an animal etc and that helped her with her designs.  She is really clever and helped us out alot - our rocks will look awesome now as we have had some professional tips and tricks shared with us :)

We have the Wairua in us ...

For our assembly item we learnt the song Wairua by the band Maimoa.  Then Ruby and Ashley choreographed a dance to go with it which we also learnt by practicing hard.  We put in hours and hours of work and every day we got better at singing and dancing.  We used all of the TRUMP key competencies and were a fabulous buddy class as we supported Room Five as well.  It was a neat opportunity for us to shine and Mrs Low was super proud of us all.  Here are some photos of us rehearsing in our room.