Monday, July 2, 2018

OWL Parent, pupil and teacher conferences ...

These were on this term and we were really lucky in Room 10 as most of our parents came and shared our learning with us.  Mrs Low took some photos of us with our families which was nice and we will put these on our own blogs to help remind us that we are all in a partnership.  Here are some of our families celebrating our learning :)

We made toast ...

For our procedural writing we made toast - it was quite hilarious as we figured out pretty quickly that we needed to give Mrs Low clear details as to how this was going to be happen and be successful -  who knew that you put 'toast' in the toaster, butter on the toast (a whole container is not needed :) We also learnt that things need to be done in order if they are to happen the way we wanted them too.

 We made sandwiches and milo too and they were also excellent learning experiences for us and from doing these we have established that using language such as first, next, then and finally help us all keep track of what we are doing - it also allows others to be successful if they are following them.

Owl McOwl recipients Term Two

Many of us have been lucky enough to have been given Owl McOwl for our excellent efforts in the classroom.  We have been selected because we have:
- managed ourselves
- been ontask
- practiced being kind
- worked on minding our own beeswax
- using TRUMP.
Can you spot your child amongst these, we hope so :)