Sunday, March 13, 2016

Zirka Circus

In the weekend I went to the Zirka Circus with Andrew, Steven and Mrs Larsen.

We went at 4.30pm and we sat on the elevated seats at the back.

We saw acrobats, clowns and aerial performers.

They were very clever and I was amazed at what they could do.
My favourite bit was when the big swing came out and the performers where thrown into the air, they did a flip and landed on a big mat.

There were children performing who would be about the same age as the children in Rooms 10 and 11. I know they would spend a long time rehearsing, as well as having to do their school work.

Before we went into watch the circus we got fizzy drink, popcorn and candy floss. The popcorn was really tasty and the candy floss melted like magic in my mouth

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  1. We sure had fun! We saw some other children from school too. I wonder if they enjoyed it as much as we did?