Sunday, May 6, 2018

Owl McOwl recipients from Week One, Term Two

Amiria was our person on Tuesday and she then gave Owl McOwl to Tane for Wednesday because Tane  had been managing himself and making sure he thought about who he was sitting by.

Tane then awarded Owl McOwl to Liam because he felt that Liam was managing himself as he was listening to myself and his classmates extremely well.

And then once Liam has enjoyed having Owl McOwl for the day at the end of his reign he proceeded to give Owl McOwl to Ruby for managing herself as Ruby is a star learner who always tries her best and finishes all of her work on time.

What a great first week back we had.  The children were all really settled and have come back rested and raring to go.  I am looking forward to seeing how well they now achieve their goals that we will be sharing with you at our conferences over the next few weeks.

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