Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Camp Diary


By Jayden E
(A copy of what Jayden wrote for his first day on camp. Photos selcted by Mrs Zambazos. To see Jayden's original entry see Jayden E)

I woke up at 4:00am and went back to bed for 2 more hours.
I got ready for camp/school by 7:30am. At 8:15 me, my mother and my sister left for school.
8:30am I get to school (finally).

I don’t know time we got on the bus and left the camp but I saw Janelle waving to me when we went on the bus to go to camp.
Me, James, Jack and Brooke sat together and had a very interesting conversation on the way there.

The conversation was about our fears and dreams.
We also went on a trip down memory lane. Some of it was good but others, not so good.

When we got to camp we got our bags and put them into our cabins and got our lunch box and sat down and had our morning tea.

 When we were finished having our morning tea we went to put our lunch box away and got our beds ready.
We went back outside the main hall.

 The parents their activity groups together and did an activity together.
My group went to the bush first.
The activity we did was called shape search.
In shape search you had to find shapes nature made.
When we were in the bush it started to rain.
Luckily it wasn’t very hard until we got back to camp.
We were really lucky.
We had to draw the shapes we saw in the bush.

When we were finished me, Charlie and George played with the dominos.
Then the teacher told us to pack up and go to our cabin’s to get our lunch and sit down and have our lunch.

After we’ve had our lunch we sat down and talked to people quietly.
After lunch both classes went on a bush walk. By the time we got back it was afternoon tea time.

So Mr Davis told us to get a cup from our cabin and come back.
When we came back there was so much good food there.
After afternoon tea we did another bush walk. By the time we got back tea was ready. Tea was a Barbecue. I had sausages, coleslaw, Potato, Potato Salad and pork.

After tea we washed and rinsed our plate, cup, knife and fork. We took them back to our cabin and brought back with us a beanie, a torch, and rain coat. We sat down in our activity groups when we got back.

Then we went to see the glow worms. We went up a no exit street. But I saw a pathway through 2 bushes.
The pathway ended and there was a stream with rocks in It.
We had to test our parkour skills there!
Some glow worms were green, some were blue.
But most were blue.
Some people were shining their torches at the glow worms.
We all walked back to camp.

Mr Davis told us “Go get a cup and come back to the main hall. We are going to have supper”
Supper was left over’s from afternoon tea.

After supper the boys went to get changed, brush their teeth and go to bed.
When I finished I went to my cabin and tried to go to sleep but Mr Davis opened the door and said “You boys ready for bed?” we said “Yes.” Mr Davis replied “I’ll come back in 1 minute to turn the lights off.”

I fell asleep by the time he got back.

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