Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Camp Rangi Woods

Wednesday- By Jack

(A copy of what Jack wrote for his first day on camp. Photos selcted by Mrs Zambazos. To see Jacks original entry see Jack)
Jack and his Dad

When I got to school today walked into the class and helped put the sports equipment into Mr Osborne’s truck. Then we took our bags and headed of in the bus I sat by Jayden E we talked with James and Brooke.

45 minutes later we were there we got our bags and dropped them of at our cabins I was in cabin 2 then we got our morning tea and sat down and had it then we set up our beds I was with Robbie, Pumadu, Andrew and George.

Jack and his Dad on camp

Then we got into our Activity groups and went of for a bush walk to find things that start with the letters of the alphabet then we came back and saw this tree fall down then we went for another walk to find stuff that are crocked, chewed and stuff then we got back and did some Activity’s I played battleships with Robbie.

Then we had lunch then we went for another bush walk with the whole camp then we came back and had afternoon tea I had a biscuit then we then we went to the park and saw big tree as tall as a department building then We saw a tree stump being pulled down then we went on the pay ground and came back and did our camp book.
Jack's Dad Mr Osborne

Then had dinner and I had 5 sausages then we had an ice cream.
Then we went to see the glow worms I have been here before they were buitufull then we came back for supper we got milo and a biscuit It did not taste like milo though and then got ready for bed and went to sleep

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