Monday, May 15, 2017

Room 10 and 11s Visit to the Star Lab

As told to Mrs Zambazos by Waimarie

Yesterday after morning tea we went to the hall. In the hall was a big black igloo shaped tent – this was the Star Lab.
First we listened to a lady talk about space and talked about a scorpion which is the constellation Scorpius.
Next we went into the tent, it was filled with air and was very dark a bit cold. There was a red light in the middle and this was supposed to be our sun. When the light was turned out we couldn’t see any one, it was weird when people talked because their voices echoed.
The lady turned the light out and the stars appeared. They also moved across the sky. Waimarie thought they were real because they looked so little – he was sort of right, they are projections of a real star map.
The lady told us some stories about the stars, especially about the Southern Cross and the stars that make up Matariki – the seven stars.
We also saw the different constellations – like Scorpius and Orion’s Belt.

We learnt lots about the stars, it was fun way to learn about them.

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