Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Room10 Visits the Star Lab    
Recount by Kieran and Jaden                                 

On Monday we visited the star lab, it awesome.
Before we went in the tent the lady told us that Pluto was once a planet but now it isn’t because it was too small so now it is a dwarf planet. Then the lady told us if you see a star that is white and blue then it’s a baby star and its new and hot and if you see an orange and yellow star then it’s an adult star, old and cold.
After she told us that we went in the tent we were really excited. When we went in the lights went off it was really dark inside.
We saw a Scorpio, the Southern cross, Matariki, Orion’s
  belt, phoenix and a centaur.
Then we finally went out of the igloo tent and on the way back we saw room 11 it was their turn.
It was the best thing ever.

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