Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Art Work with Mrs Bartlett

Cat and Dogs

Art with Mrs Bartlett - Writing By Fintin
We did cats with Mrs Bartlett. We used newspaper, sharpie, and thick coloured paper.
We started with a practice paper, then we did the real one with thick coloured paper and newspaper for the cat body. Then we used sharpie for the stripes. Soon we cut a small strip of paper and tiny shapes for the collar.

The Kc’s I used are thinking and participating and contributing.

My Cat!
Writing by Abeeha

We had to use newspaper. Then we cut it out. Then we glued it on a coloured piece of paper. We use a sharpe for the ears, eyes, whiskers and stripes.
Last of all, we added little bits.
I felt really happy because I love art!

Art with Mrs Batlett-Cats and Dogs on Thursdays
Writing By Ollie

I like doing art it’s fun making, drawing, colouring and putting paper on paper Mrs Batlett helps me with art I liked doing the cat and dog art on Thursday we do art  with Mrs Batlett I like having Mrs Batlett with us I wish I had Mrs Batlett every school day of the week that would be fun I like Mrs Batlett and the art we do.                       

Cat Art
Writing by Priyanka
This is some art we have been doing with Mrs Bartlett.
It is a picture of a cat made out of fake newspaper.
I made a little bow out of paper and glued it on the cat.

I even made a little collar with shapes on it. It was fun!

Art with Mrs Bartlett
Writing By Abi
This term we are doing art we got to do cats we had to have lots of patience and we got to decorate our cat, it was fun.
 My cats name was called Shine she has a lot of collars on her.
 We had to use newspaper to make our cats.
Everyone’s are beautiful as we got to put hats on and flowers too and bows.
It is cool as we got to choose our back round my one was purple and we got to put stripes on our ones.

I liked it and we got to choose I loved mine, my eyes was black then we were done.                                                                                                      

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