Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Production

The School Production
Photos and 
Writing From Room 10 

Production Costume
Writing By Priyanka
Production is coming up!
For the production, Rooms 10 and 11 are going to be a pack of playing cards.
Here is what the back of our costume looks like.

Production Dance
Writing By Priyanka
For the Production, Room 10 and 11 have been practicing a dance in our costumes.
We have done two school rehearsals.

The song that we are dancing to is “Better when Your Dancing.”

Writing by Aaron

Room 10 and 11 have been working on the production.
On the production we have been working on our costumes.
The costumes are cards, some cards are Queens and some are Aces.

The Production is on Monday 25th of September.

Our Production Art Work
Writing by Abby
For our school production room ten and eleven are dressing up as a pack of cards. We have to make the back of our cards using pastels and paper. Mine is bright orange and light blue.

By Ayva
We have been dancing these dances for a long time. It is for the production on Monday night.
We are going to the theatre. I am really excited.

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